Due to ongoing medical problems that just seem to get worse I have to cut back on my chinchillas. I have a 5 year old lite ebony male that I have retired. In a month or so I will have 2mosaic females They will be sold as pets only. If you are the right person they will be VERY CHEAP. As always I will require an email interview to see if you are a good match for my chins. If interested please em...
I have a beautiful 3 year old mosaic/white and a 4 year old med. ebony females. They are sweet chins. They come with with a large cage/wheel and other cage supplies for only $185 The cage alone is worth over $400. It is a Quality Mansion cage If you are interested email me for an email interview. I do not sell/adopt out to just anyone - one has to qualify to get one of my chin(s). I do not ship
. I have a dark med. ebony female ($150) and an extra dark ebony female ($225) that are ready to go and several dark ebonies that will be ready to go A deposit will hold. I have a bonded 3 year white female and 4 year old med. ebony female with a large cage and cage supplies for only $185 up for adoption. The cage alone is worth over $400 - it is a Quality cage (mansion). THIS IS A GREAT DEAL. ...
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